Young Leaders' Programme

The Young Leaders’ Programme (YLP) will be held from 18 to 19 June 2019. Through this Programme, we aim to harness the ideas and energy of youth leaders who are already active in addressing challenges relating to social cohesion. We hope that the Programme will be a platform for these young leaders to learn from and energise one another, and catalyse local, regional and international collaborations in social cohesion and community building.

Youth leaders from across various sectors – faith-based institutions, community-based organisations, public sector and corporates – will be invited to participate in an unconference around the broad theme of Faith.Identity.Cohesion.

The programme will adopt an UnConference format, using “open space” facilitation techniques. There will be no pre-determined topics, keynote speeches or plenaries. Instead, the young leaders will take ownership of the discussion and generate their own topics of interest around the broad theme. Every participant will have the opportunity to present, discuss, debate and hopefully refine their ideas, as well as work with the other young leaders to shape the overall discussion.

Here's a recap of what our youth leaders got up to at the ICCS Young Leaders' Programme (YLP)!