This half-day Community Experience, curated by the Inter-Religious Organisation, Singapore, provides a unique opportunity for ICCS delegates to discover the diverse religious communities in Singapore, as well as our local culture.

Delegates will experience first-hand the rich heritage and vibrancy of Singapore, while exploring places of worship in the city centre and heartlands.

The Bicentennial Experience

From Singapore to Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience brings to life Singapore’s momentous evolution from 1299, shaped by wider regional and global shifts.

It comprises an immersive and cinematic experience within the Fort Canning Centre, and a free and easy exploration through interactive pavilions within the greenery of Fort Gate.

Museum Gallery Tour

Explore connections between the diverse heritage cultures of Singapore, their interconnections, and connections with the world.

Understand the impact and relevance of Trade in Asia through the centuries, and trace paths of Faith and Belief as they spread and adapted across Asia.

Harmony of Faiths Singapore

Immerse yourself in the rich and diverse religious landscape of Singapore through a visit to the Harmony in Diversity Gallery.

Explore the heritage trail of different places of worship on the same street. Discover how Singapore embrace our diversity and our efforts to build a harmonious society.